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During my 24 plus years of healthcare recruiting I have seen countless candidates lose out on great career and financial opportunities because their resume did not have the necessary quantitative and impactful data or key words needed.

My resumes are tailored to grab the attention of hiring managers, recruiters, talent acquisition and human resources to be more impactful and attract more opportunities. Most importantly, your resume must be tailored today to attract applicant tracking systems (vital in getting your resume seen on the web).

  • Hiring professionals don’t carefully read resumes line by line. At best, they take a cursory glance and only dig deeper if past job titles or resume keywords pique their interest. Having the right keywords and data is even more critical when technology enters the mix. Applicant tracking systems automatically filter and rank applicants based on specific key words and data. Unfortunately, a highly qualified applicant could slip through the cracks or get wrongly rejected if their resume isn’t optimized with the right keywords and or data.

As a healthcare recruiter since 1999 and someone who "carried the bag" prior, I have a strong knowledge base of what Pharmaceutical, Medical and Biotech hiring professionals and applicant tracking systems need to have on a resume to move it to the top of the piles. Most resume services today are done by English majors vs. a tenured healthcare recruiting professional who knows exactly what hiring professionals need to see on a competitive healthcare resume. Having an updated and impactful LinkedIn profile is another VERY important part of the job search equation. It is like having a personal assistant working for you behind the scenes 24/7/365. It is important to be in the "know"! Knowing what your financial value is, knowing if your bonus structure and benefits are in alignment and knowing what higher level opportunities are available in the industry. It is comforting to know your options even if you do not think you are ready to make a job change? An updated resume and LinkedIn profile is like putting snow tires on your car in January in upstate NY. You are prepared for anything should the need arise!

Your first draft is typically completed within 4-7 business days and resume clients work directly with me to upgrade their resume.

Once the resume services upgrade has been purchased, Palmer & Young, Inc. will receive an email verifying the purchase. Shortly after, you will receive an email from Rebecca letting you know your purchase has been received.

Additional things received with your resume services upgrade:

  • Important items to include on your References List
  • Ideas and information for constructing an impressive Brag Book
  • A list of 50 popular, industry Interview Questions to help you prep for future interviews
  • Important key words to add to your LinkedIn Profile under Skills and Expertise that will increase your traffic
  • Networking and Foundational Ideas to help you get closer to decision makers during the interview process
  • We serve as a "Resume Bank", storing your resume so you hace access in case you lose or need a copy when traveling. This happens a lot!
  • Resume clients work directly with me to upgrade their resume

Please contact Rebecca Palmer directly by at [email protected] or text at 518-572-6893 if you would like to partner with her on upgrading your resume or LinkedIn profile or learning more on how to network yourself to land the interviews you want.

Testimonials we have heard from our resume clients:

"You saved me a ton of time sorting out my important strengths."

"I had not done a resume in so long, I did not know what I should accentuate."

"Wow! Thanks! It's like my resume got a new hairstyle."

"You helped take frustration out of the process with your guidance and coaching."

"I was so surprised to see how expensive other resume services were and they were not even specialized in the healthcare industry."

"I did not realize how much goes into a job search. There were so many ideas you provided me to hit the ground running."

"You truly helped me weed out the extraneous material so the focus would be on my skills and accomplishments."

"Thank you for reworking my resume in a very timely fashion."

"The brag book hints and networking ideas are great reference tools with practical 'how-to' information."

Please also check Rebecca's LinkedIn page for additional referrals: http://www.linkedin.com/in/rebeccapalmerrecruiter
*** There are over 60 referrals should you want a more expansive list

Resume Upgrade Fee: $390.00 (Sales Rep)

Resume Upgrade Fee: $790.00 (Management)

LinkedIn Upgrade Fee: $199.00

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